ATTENTION: Longstone Edge

Longstone Edge is an oft forgotten part of the Peak District for many climbers and outdoor users. As such it´s not much of a surprise that the Save Longstone Edge Campaign (SLEG website here) has not mobilised the climbing community as much as if it involved other, more famous Peak District Edges. Anybody who has climbed at Birchens in the Peak recently will undoubtedly have noticed the ever-increasing scar above Calver. Without public pressure this scar will expand quickly and will greatly effect the view from both Curbar and Froggat. As climbers, runners and general users of the Peak, we all realise the beauty of the area and without immediate public support and action, the land will be mined. BMC Peak District Rep, Henry Folkard, has done a lot of work in trying to gain publicity and exposure for the campaign to save Longstone and stop the expansion of the destructive mining. This long and arduous work has helped but is hampered by the complexity of the issues involved.This flyer has been produced by SLEG to highlight what is happening in relation to Longstone Edge.The middle images reflect the views that climbers and runners could soon be having from the crags of Froggat and Curbar. planetFear strongly support both Henry´s work and the Save Longstone Edge Group (SLEG) who have been working hard to publicise the seriousness of the situation. In summary the main issues are:Backdale Quarry which is situated on the right hand edge of Longstone is currently being mined and will be ´mined out´ within 12 monthsBleaklow Industries (the current owners) are planning to expand their current quarrying operation across Longstone edge which could potentially expand to cover over 400 acres of Peak District landThis would affect the views from both Froggat and Curbar and greatly affect the town of CalverJust because it´s a National Park, DOES NOT mean that the quarrying will stop – it will happen if no action is taken by the publicThe current ´Stop Notice´ is only temporary and will only last as long as the PPA (Peak Park Authority) has enough funds to cover any compensation claims… potentially running out quite soon So what can we, the general public do? On Tuesday 26th September 2006 Save Longstone Edge Group are holding their AGM (Cliff College, Calver @ 7pm) and the Peak District National Authority will be there to discuss the current situation and where the campaign goes from here – all are welcome and anybody with any interest should attend. You can also write to your MP and express your concern at what is going on. Even if you don´t live in the Peak, your voice is important and will make a difference. You can find out who your MP is and their contact details by visiting this helpful site here Further Info:AGM Tuesday 26/09/2006 details hereSave Longstone Edge Group (SLEG) The white line represents the proposed extension to Longstone Edge quarry. The full area stretches to 400 acres!!