Babsi & Hansjoerg back from Yosemite

Barbara Zangerl and Hansjoerg Auer are now back from their Yosemite trip. “Bumping” in to Babsi on Facebook, I was eager to find out what they had been up to and what went down. As it turned out, Hansjoerg did. A little too fast…Unfortunately, I had to cut the interview short, but I promise there will be a part 2. I'll also try to get a hold of Hansjoerg to get his take on what happened.Hey! How was Yosemite?Hi, cool, but the ending was bad…Why?Hansjörg took a 25m fall.Shit!! Is he alright?He broke his scaphoideum [Scaphoid bone], the bone over the wrist. It's not so bad.Hopefully, yeah, but I think it's one of those nasty bones that sometimes takes a long time to heal.He was lucky, I think… it could be much worse. He has to rest 8 weeks.Hansjörg Auer (right) sporting a plasterUKC News, Oct 2010© La SportivaIt seems to have become something of a tradition for Hansjoerg to end his Yosemite trips with an injury… at least it's not as serious this time.Yes…that's true a little too much risk. I told him. Too many bad experiences in one year. He really has to take care, and I think he will.I certainly hope so! Two bad falls. He has been lucky so far in a way. A third time… who knows?He actually had some more. Also a grounder…A groundfall!?From 20m, at Chinamauer in Innsbruck. Nothing happened… Sooo lucky!But he did everything right.What went wrong?No more rope, 2nd pitch. But shit happens…Yeah, shit happens… but you must try to avoid as much shit as possible.That's also right. We talked a lot about that in Yosemite.Well, I hope the trip was good before the accident then.Yes, it was really cool!So which routes did you do or try?We tried Secret passage on El Cap but it was too hot, 35°, Alien, and the injury happened on Quantum mechanic. I did Peace.Climber on Peace, Tuolumne meadows, YosemiteBjörn Pohl – UKC, Oct 2010© Mike BolteYou did Peace! Must be a first female ascent? [it seems it's the 3rd female ascent, after Katie Lambert and Beth Rodden] It's that 8b at Tuolumne meadows, right?Small knobs if I remember correctly.Yes, I think so… a really cool route, really hard.Very cool!Thanks! 70m of knobs.Must be a little bit like Voralpsee, but with knobs and longer. Hard to read.Yes, but very bouldery, not so pumpy.Thanks Babsi! Let's continue this shortly.Barbara Zangerl is sponsored by: Adidas, Black Diamond and FiveTen. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen