Bangor student gets stuck in Cromlech squeeze

by Simon Panton On Saturday afternoon a 20 year old student from Bangor somehow managed to get himself stuck in the squeeze crack around the back of the Roadside Boulder (in the Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia). It seems that the trapped man slipped past a constriction into a lower section of the crack and could not get out again.Despite the efforts of the full gamut of emergency services the man remained stuck for over 5 hours. In the end a decision was made to lever the large capping stone off the top of the crack and drop it over the side of the boulder. As it turned out, this didn?t really help as the man seemed to be stuck against a constriction much lower in the crack. Powerful hydraulic tools were then applied to the crack, which allowed some slight expansion, enough for the trapped man to be pulled free. He was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd suffering from mild hypothermia.Photo courtesy of Mark Reeves. ( Source: North Wales Bouldering )