Bats ´n Birds in The Peak

A pair of Ring Ouzels are successfully raising a feathered family on Green Crack, near Rugosity (Rusty?) Wall, Stanage. All climbers are asked to avoid Green Crack right now. This is very good news for climbers. It proves that Ring Ouzels don´t dislike people (e.g climbers!) as much as previously thought. The fact that a pair are nesting right in the heart of a very busy area at Stanage means that sweeping restrictions will be very hard to justify in the future. But as ever, it all depends on the co-operation of climbers – so please do avoid Green Crack at the moment. Also there are reports that some bats have established a summer roost on Gingerbread Slab at Lawrencefield. This is currently being investigated, and until this is confirmed, please be careful if climbing there, especially around dusk. Bats are protected species, so if they are there, don´t disturb them. They are most likely to be in the cracks! Thanks to the BMC