Be a Good Egg! BMC Bird Restrictions

The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has hatched details of the cliffs that climbers should keep away from this Spring to avoid nesting birds.  Climbers have a very good track record of keeping to the restrictions. The UK?s birds will soon be scouting around for nest sites and raising their young.  Whether you?re planning a trip to Lundy or an evening at Pen Trwyn for example, it?s time to play your part towards conserving our feathery friends and stick to the BMC?s agreed nesting restrictions for 2008. The UK is widely recognised for the international importance of its wintering, migratory and nesting bird populations and the BMC?s longstanding relations with the conservation bodies has ensured the voluntary restrictions are as minimal as possible.The restrictions (dates and crags) can be seen on posters at local climbing walls or you can download it from the BMC website.  The restrictions are also integrated into the regional access database (RAD).