Ben´s 8b bloc…confusion

As it turns out 8 ball wasn´t a new problem at all…John Gaskins: I just thought I´d tell you that Ben Moon´s new problem ´8 Ball´ had actually already been climbed by me earlier this year. I actually went to repeat Full Power but did not know that this was actually only a crouching start to Soft on the G. Full Power had originally been claimed (in OTE 93) as a sit start and this was the only info I had about the problem, so I climbed it from sitting. I have not decided if I am going to give the problem an alternative name or not. Update: ” Ive just been speaking to Ben and there appears to be confusion about the whole situation essentially in the way that Bens new problem has actually been described. Basically Jerry did climb Full Power from a sit start. Ben has actually done a problem that effectively traverses into Full Power from a defined starting hold. Therefore Ben´s new problem is not actually a sit start to an existing problem at all really.”