Berry Bolts New Kalymnos Crag

Adrian Berry just sent us an email telling us about a new crag he has developed in Kalymnos. So a few new routes up to f8a is hardly news, but the fact that Brit has gone abroad and bolted some routes certainly is. Virtually all of us head out for some winter sun bolt clipping from time to time and reap the benefits of the thankless task of bolting routes. Check the guide book history sections and invariably those who establish the routes are German, Austrian, Spanish, French and Italian! Adrian commented that most of the routes are put up by teams of people, whereas he was mainly alone, lugging 30kg of kit to the crag each day and jugging up ropes.He spent the month of November on the island developing a new crag called The Ivory Tower, left of Kalydna. If you head out there and check out the crag please bear in mind the following: – Mind out for some loose little bits, it´s a very new crag, and there are still bits coming off, especially The Craic, it will all clean up soon enough. – On Dream Line (pitch one) go way out right at the last bolt, then back left along the break – if you´ve got any sense. – Ivory Tower pitch one shares some climbing with the next route. – Sidewinder has an extension, it´s got bolts but no hangers, it is bouldery and sharp. – Anaphylactic Shock and Ivory Tower are amongst the best routes Adrian has done, ever. – The crag gets more shade than the rest of the area, and you´ll need it. 1. Happiness 6c 1b. Happiness Extension 7b+ 2. Sidewinder 6b+ 3. Anaphlactic Shock 8a 4. The Craic 7b+ 5. Dream Line 7b,? 6. Ivory Tower 7b,8a 7. Some other established route, can´t work out what it is from the guide.He´d like to thank everyone who helped by giving him a rope, especially Chris Singer for the patient belaying, and the Athletic Municipality of Kalymnos and Steve and Sue at Glaros for providing bolts and belays.Of note, other British climbers who have put up routes on Kalymnos include Neil Gresham, Dave Musgrove (junior), Steve Golley and Leah Crane. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–