Birmingham Bouldering Open + Dyno Results

Sunay 9th December – Festival Of Climbing Open Event Results: Open Bouldering

Men 1. Ben Heason 2. Sam Cattel 3. Mark Amman Women 1. Emma Twyford 2. Joanna Goorney 3. Jo Gordon

Cotswold Junior Bouldering Open Juniors (under 15): A climb off was held as the Top 15 Climbersin the boys event and top 7 climbers in the Girls all had the same score as they all failed on the same problem. So Gareth Parry set a superfinal for them to try, and Jemma Powell demonstrated it to them all. First out were the Boys. The first nearly flashed it falling whilst slapping the top. Tom Bolger was next and Flashed the Problem, as did five more of the fifteen. Next the girls had a go. Of the 7 who reached the superfinal, 3 managed to flash the problem. A super super final was then set. Gareth again created a problem, this time a hard 6c. All competitors were put into isolation.The results were as follows:

Boys 1. Chris Whiteman 2. Tom Bolger 3. Martin Watson Girls 1. Rosemary Shaw 2. Kristin Witz 3. Leah Crane

Outdoor Designs International Dyno Open

Men 1. Chris Graham – 2.38m 2. Ben Heason – 2.38m (lost on countback) 3. Matt Heason – 2.32m Women 1. Katherine Schirrmacher – 1.83m 2. Rachel Seymour – 1.75m 3. Ali Gardner – 1.54m

Ben Heason in the dyno competition (there was more than one person in the audience – honest!)