BMC Announce New Climbing Competiton for Winter

The BMC Leading Ladder 2007-2008With the current Summer we´re having, it´s almost indoor season anyway, but when Winter actually arrives the BMC have come up with a new competition format that should generate a lot of interest when the evenings start to draw in. Nick Colton from the BMC explains more: “The BMC is to introduce an exciting new style leading competition based on a ladder format idea of Rab Carrington?s and Steve McClure?s.The competitions will start in October and run at a number of selected walls for two weeks in rotation. That means that climbers can travel around the country and take part in leading competitions right throughout the winter. Something they can?t do at present.There will be 6 routes set at each venue: F6b, F6c, F7a, F7b, F7c and F8a, set by BMC route setters to help with grade consistency. There will be four age categories: 12 ? 15, 16 ? 18, 19 ? 45, and 46 and over, with separate male and female categories. Ages will be those on 31st August 2007.Competition routes will be clearly marked and anyone using the wall may climb them. In that sense they will be good routes to train a climber?s on sight ability. Climbers wishing to take part simply need to buy a scorecard for the princely sum of £1 before they climb any of the routes.To make it easier to organise it will be an honesty competition. That means it will rely on the honesty and integrity of those taking part and those belaying to ensure fair play. Climbers will start at the bottom of a route and see if they can climb to the top. Clipping the lower off from a hold on the route signifies a successful ascent. If a climber is successful their belayer will score their card, if not an X is marked on the card. Higher scores are awarded for fewer goes and, of course, a flash ascent will receive the highest score.Climbers can watch other climbers on the routes but they must not practice or inspect the routes. Nor are they allowed to weight the rope, use out of bounds holds or features, use the top edge or side edges of the wall, or grab the lower off. Additionally, all quick-draws are to be clipped while climbing – the first one may be pre-clipped for safety purposes.Walls will collect the cards for the competition held at their venue and return them to the BMC. The BMC will publish results on the BMC web site ? although walls may also publish the scores for the comp at their own venue. When all the competitions have been completed each competitor?s highest 3 scores will be added together and those with the highest score will qualify for a national final to be run along similar lines to the present BLCC competition with prizes and everything else that goes with a major national final. ” Keep an eye on the BMC website for dates and venues! Cliffhanger British Bouldering Championships This weekend see´s the British Bouldering Championships take place at Graves Park, Sheffield at the mammoth Cliffhanger event.With a huge turnout expected (both watchers & competitiors – strongest and largest field of any previous British Championships) it´s going to be a fantastic event. The Mens & Women´s Senior championship is on Saturday, while Sunday sees both the Junior competition and the planetFear Dyno comp.Gaz Parry has sent us the below picture of the wall being built. As you can see, it´s huge!! It´s also under a marquee so competitors and watchers will be dry all weekend.