BMC calls for public inquiry into foot-and-mouth

The BMC is calling for a full public inquiry into FMD, saying it is concerned that the three (!) inquiries announced aren´t public and don´t specifically address the blanket closures of footpaths and open country. That, it says, was the root cause of the severe financial problems experienced by mountain tourism and the wider tourist industry since late February. It suggests that there should be an assurance that there will not be a blanket closure of footpaths if there is another outbreak of FMD or “other infectious animal diseases”. Will the Government care? Well, the Outdoor Industries Association has reported £60m in lost sales from UK retailers of outdoor equipment since the onset of FMD. Any sensible bunch of politicians seeking re-election would probably take note. We´re not sure if that means they will, however; the NFU lobby is very powerful. Which makes it interesting to wonder how the FMD story would play if you replaced “farmers” with “miners” throughout.