BMC Foot and Mouth Update

by Cath Flitcroft A “precautionary” cull of animals has taken place at Stroude Farm, Egham, near the scene of the outbreak of the disease discovered on Wednesday. Footpaths within the protection zone remain closed. The farm in Egham comprises a number of separate parcels of land and therehas subsequently been a change in the Protection and Surveillance Zones.A single Protection Zone has been put in place extending 3 kilometers aroundeach of the parcels of land, with a Surveillance Zone of 10 kilometersradius beyond that. Footpaths are being closed in the Protection Zone.Cattle on the affected farm are being culled, together with animals on anadjacent farm.The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has said that it is likely that the virus is the same strain as found in the August outbreak at the Pirbright research centre, approximately ten miles from the site of the new outbreak.Despite this new outbreak the countryside remains open. Climbers and walkers should continue their activities as normal but check the DEFRA website first for guidance if you are planning on visiting the Surrey ( Source: BMC )