BMC Gives foot and mouth advice

"The Government is treating the foot and mouth outbreak extremely seriously and the BMC is advising climbers and walkers to follow all advice issued by the Government regarding access to agricultural land and upland areas. Official exclusion zones should be completely avoided and climbers and walkers should take note of any new notices or signs giving advice on access arrangements.The Countryside Agency is currently advising people ´to keep away from all areas containing livestock´ – including enclosed farmland and upland grazing land. It is also possible that all public rights of way will be closed shortly. The National Trust is discouraging visits to the countryside under the current circumstances although it is not establishing an explicit exclusion zone over its open countryside holdings. National Trust tenant farmers may also be taking their own steps to restrict access to land and such measures will be fully supported by the National Trust. Information on the disease and restricted areas is available on the MAFF web site, "Further information will be posted on the BMC web site at Dave Turnbull Access & Conservation Officer