BMC / MCofS International Winter Meet – Hosts Needed

The BMC / MCofS International Winter Meet will be taking place at Glenmore Lodge in the Cairngorms from Friday 23 February to Friday 2 March 2007.Approximately 40 international guests will be attending from over 20 countries including Slovenia, China, South Africa, USA, Latvia and Norway. We rely on a similar number of hosts and are still looking for the last handful.Open to everyone, the meets are always a unique and fun experience. We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced climbers and mountaineers with a good knowledge of the Scottish mountains to show the overseas visitors around. Your technical lead grade is less important than the need to be an experienced and competent winter climber/mountaineer with sound navigation skills and the ability to cope safely with all that Scotland can throw at you (and that can sometimes be very demanding!). Some of the guests may have done little or no winter climbing so it is vital that you feel confident climbing with such partners. All accommodation, food, and transport will be provided for the small charge of £65 per person for the week – all you have to do is get yourself to Glenmore Lodge. If you are interested in being a host please contact Becky McGovern at the BMC on tel: 0161 438 3302 / email: ( Source: BMC )