BMC Supremo Dave Turnbull in Bouldering Shocker

by Mick Ryan Dave Turnbull´s highpoint Dave Turnbull, Chief Executive of the British Mountaineering Council (website) has fully embraced bouldering. Yesterday at Thorn Crag (downloadable guide here) he nearly sent And For My Next Trick (see photo) a fingery and balancy Font 7a from the sit-down start!The first move is a straightforward pull with deft use of feet, then the fun starts; undercut with left, more foot jessery then a powerful barn door move with your right to a finger flake, now the crux, left to share with your right (you´ve hopefully left enough room), adjust feet and a big move for the finishing jug. You can see Dave´s sequence here and here and his painful highpoint here One reason for Dave´s failure was that he wasn´t wearing a beanie unlike a couple of alpinists spotted on a nearby boulder (photo). Dave did complete other ascents at this fine crag (No Dogs please….photo). He admits to being ´hooked´ and said that, “I´ve never had so much fun.”. Do these comments represent an official endorsement of bouldering by the BMC? Maybe so and it does most certainly mean that this autumn´s bouldering season is officially OPEN. suggests that Dave hangs out at the bouldering chat room,, to swat up on bouldering lingo, the correct attire and perhaps some beta for his next attempt onAnd For My Next Trick.