BMC to send Team to Iran

You may or may not have heard of The Yearof Dialogue Bewtween Civilisations. As part of this nationwide scheme to build relationships through sport, Britain had been scheduled to send a multi disciplinary team of athletes and sportsmen and women to Iran. The disciplines were to include Football, Wrestling (big in Iran), Squash, Tennis, and Climbing. Because of the recent events in the USA and parts of the Middle East, it appears that everyone else has dropped out, leaving just a small group of gnarly climbers. It had been intended that the current British team should go, but not all were available. Consequntly Anne Arran, Kristian Clemmow and Rebecca Allen represent the team, whilst Roger Payne and John Arran will accompany them. They leave on Tuesday (23rd October) and return a week later having hopefully completed two days of competitions, two days of workshops and twodays of bouldering. The BMC who are helping to organise the trip with the Foreign Office have received full support from the British Embassy and the Iranian Govt. Kristian and Rebecca will be flying straight on to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for the penultimate round of the UIAA world cup, paid for courtesy of the organisers of the Iranian exchange.