Boardman Tasker Prize At Kendal Mountain Festival

by Mick Ryan Each year The Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature (prize £2,000) commemorates the lives of Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker and is given to the author or co-authors of an original work which has made an outstanding contribution to mountain literature. The judges this year are Lord Chris Smith, Alison Fell and Tim Noble. Below is the shortlist: The Mountains Look on Marrakech, by Hamish Brown, published by Whittles Happy Climbing Tells No Tales, by Judith Brown, published by Open Mountain Brotherhood of the Rope, by Bernadette McDonald, published by Bâton Wicks The Wild Places, by Robert Macfarlane, published by Granta Forever on the Mountain, by James M Tabor, published by W W Norton Higher Than the Eagle Soars, by Stephen Veables, published by Hutchinson More details at The winner will be announced at this years Kendal Mountain Festivals including a special Boardman Tasker Prize retrospective on Friday 16th November including contributions from previous BT winners Al Alverez, Andy Cave and Greg Child chaired by Ed Douglas. For more information go to: