Bouldering at the Sea a huge success

It did not deter both a record number of competitors and spectators, who all brazed the winds and flocked to the beach. On Saturday the BAZ!?competition took place, Sunday was the fun day of bouldering for anyone who wanted. A selection of local bands and DJ's took care of the music and even a downpour after the finals did not ruin the atmosphere.

Fotostrecke: BAZ Scheveningen 2009

Fotos: © Thomas Hoerster

The Youthcompetition was reigned supremely by the Belgians, who won three of the four titels. Ignace Debreyne was called the winner of the B/C?categorie (1994-1997) after both a final and a superfinal. Daan Groskamp and Tom Hendriks shared second place. The talented Belgian climber Anak Verhoeven easily won the youngest girls categorie, in front of Joëlle de Leeuw and Eva Vink. Pierre Collignon secured the third Belgian title. He won in the A?categorie (1992-1993) from Bastiaan Sporrel and Stef Oerlemans.

The Dutch girl Channah Brandsema came first in the A?categorie Girls. Sanne den Exter van den Brink was second and the local climber Marjolein Duijvestein third. Another Belgian tittle was secured at the Women's Final later in the evening. With Dutch top climbers Nikki van Bergen attending the World Championships in Valence and Vera Zijlstra injured, multiple World Champ Muriel Sarkany was no match for any of the other women.She easily secured her first place by topping out all three boulders in her first attempt. Fellow Belgian Magali Hayen came second with two tops, before local climber Rianne van den Berg, who needed one attempt more for her two tops.

The Men's Final promised (and delivered) spectacle as soon as the six finalists were known. Each of them should be able to win! It turned out to be Wouter Jongeneelen, recently appointed coach of the Dutch National Team, who secured his title in the last boulder, just before Casper ten Sijthoff and, winner of 2008, Ferdinand Schulte.

The Ushake Cocktailbar and Monk's Beach Bar took over from there and kept it up until deep into the night. A sunny Sunday brought everyone out again for a relaxed day of bouldering. Next year BAZ! will celebrate it's fifth anniversary on August 28 and 29.

1. Muriel Sarkany
2. Magali Hayen
3. Rianne van den Berg
4. Ilse van Kempen
5. Judith van de Geijn
5. Mirthe van Liere
5. Kim Anthoni
5. Evelyn Fleckenstein
5. Liesbeth Willocx

1. Wouter Jongeneelen
2. Casper ten Sijthoff
3. Ferdinant Schulte
4. Jonathan Thomas
5. Nicky de Leeuw
6. Timo Tak
7. Ricardo de Leeuw
8. Truong Ngo
9. Melle Vroom
9. Hans Busker
11. Lars Proske
12. Sebastian Gerber
12. Christoph Forkert
14. Wolter Westdijk

QuelleBAZ, Fotos: Thomas Hoerster