Bouldering ban at Stanage?

by John Horscroft The BMC Peak Area Meeting on Thursday should be a must for anyone who cares about climbing in the Peak District. On the agenda are proposals that bouldering should be BANNED indefinitely at the Cowper Stone and Apparent North at Stanage. This would be a TOTAL BAN that certain Ornithologists are proposing in an effort to protect the Ring Ouzel. The science upon which they are relying is debatable at best and we need to be on our guard. Second big item is the likelihood that Pay and Display will become all encompassing in the Peak Park. What do people think? Is it justified? If it is justified, shouldn?t there be an overall plan that encompasses park and ride and improvements in public transport. Also on the agenda is the ban on climbing at Willersley, chipping at Newstones and Ramshaw and Andy Kirkpatrick is doing a slide show.Can you afford not to be there?The Anchor Inn, Tideswell Crossroads, Thursday 27th Sept at 7.15pm.