Bouldering World Cup this Weekend – Moscow

World Cup wall in MoscowUKC News, Jun 2010© Russian Federation of Climbing

The next round of the bouldering World Cup is being held this weekend in Moscow.Full details on who is entering and where the event is happening can be found on the Climbing Federation of Russia Website. There is also a live stream set to be broadcast and as far as we can tell it will be on the same site: Climbing Federation of Russia.According to the current list of athletes on the IFSC website no British climbers are set to enter this round, but Adam Ondra and Killian Fischhuber are both competing.However the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of July will be a be a great opportunity to support and see the British Team when the World Cup comes to Cliffhanger in Millhouses Park, Sheffield.Current rankings for the IFSC Climbing Worldcup 2010 are:MEN Boulder

rank name nation points
1. Fischhuber Kilian AUT 265.00
2. Hori Tsukuru JPN 168.00
3. Ondra Adam CZE 160.00
4. Watson Stewart GBR 123.00
5. Woods Daniel USA 100.00
6. Glairon Mondet Guillaume FRA 92.00
7. Rubtsov Alexey RUS 87.00
8. Kruder Jernej SLO 84.00
9. Müller Matthias SUI 75.00
10. Gaidioz Loïc FRA 74.00
11. Kaiser Francois FRA 68.00
12. Becan Klemen SLO 66.00
13. Core Christian ITA 65.00
14. Barrans David GBR 63.00
15. Lachat Cédric SUI 55.00

WOMEN Boulder

rank name nation points
1. Noguchi Akiyo JPN 223.00
2. GRAFTIAUX Chloé BEL 220.00
3. Johnson Alex USA 198.00
4. Stöhr Anna AUT 168.00
5. Wurm Juliane GER 125.00
6. Gros Natalija SLO 117.00
7. AVEZOU Cecile FRA 109.00
8. Ansade Maud FRA 99.00
9. Le Neve Melissa FRA 98.00
10. ODA Momoka JPN 80.00
11. Markovic Mina SLO 75.00
12. Shalagina Olga UKR 71.00
13. Kim Jain KOR 65.00
14. Saurwein Katharina AUT 64.00
15. Bibik Olga RUS 62.00

 You can read the UKC report of the last round in Vail, Colorado here: UKC News Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen