Bouldermonsters – Grosser Boulderwettkampf in Polen

of November is the date of the biggest bouldering competition ever in
Poland last year there was more than 170 competitors and about 20 women
this year there will be much more … and it is the last edition

it would be nice if somebody from Germany come to our city, it's incredible competition
I'll be really grateful we could make this competition the biggest in central Europe, it would be amazing

the city is called Lodz, it's directly in the center, about 7 hours by car from Berlin

check out the movie from the last edition (200MB):

best wishes

Da sag ich nur: “Dzie dobry, Polski! Ile kosztuje bilet do Lodz?”,
zumal schon Mitte der 70er Jahre Vicky Leandros trällerte: “Theo, wir fahrn nach Lodz!”.
Das hat selbst 30 Jahre später noch seine Gültigkeit 😉

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QuelleText: Andrzej Przedecki