British Long Champs

Saturday saw the 2007 British Orienteering Long Championships on Pwll Du and Blorenge near Blaenavon in Wales. Oli and Jenny Johnson repeated their JK victories to be crowned Men´s and Women´s Elite Champions respectively.The women´s elite course was marred by an incorrectly placed control which was re-sited part way through the race and after a protest from several affected athletes the split times for legs 8-9-10 were removed. The top 3 was unchanged by this. The top 3 in the Men´s ran in almost together after Oli Johnson caught Duncan and Mike out in the terrain.W21E 9.2km 245m 19 controls 1. Jenny Johnson SYO 59.05 2. Karen Heppenstall CLOK 66.24 3. Kirsty Bryan-Jones FVO 67.12 M21E 14.1km 360m 32 controls 1. Oli Johnson SYO 86.03 2. Duncan Archer CLOK 88.33 3. Mike Sprot SYO 91.56 Full results available here