British Youth Team News

The British Youth team have just returned from a very successful, albeit frustrating, trip to France. They went out for two reasons: 5 days climbing and training at the sport climbing crag of Orpiere and a youth competition at Marseilles at the weekend. Despite record temperatures over much of Europe the South of France last week saw the mercury barely rise above 10 degrees whilst others were slapping on the sun cream in the dappled light and 30 degree humidity of Fontainebleau. The cool conditions were perfect for 5 solid days of climbing, which had the unfortunate side effect of a large number of worn finger tips!Despite this obvious handicap the team performed excellently in the comp, with Shanua Coxsey and Natalie Berry unable to compete in their respective super final and final because the comp ran on and they had a plane to catch!   Catherine Whiteman 10th Michaela Tracy 17th Ross Kirkland 33rd Jonathan Stocking 21st Joshua Farrell 9th Kitty Wallace 2ndNatalie Berry 8th (despite missing the final) Shauna Coxsey 4th (despite missing the super final) Rebecca Hall 23rd Ashleigh Naysmith 24th James Garden 24th Kitty Wallace on a F7a+ at Orpiere last week.