Briton held after scaling Canadian Tower to support Kyoto agreement

In the spirit of climbers supporting the environment, Chris Holden, of Kettering, spent four hours climbing 1,136ft up Toronto´s 181-storey CN Tower with fellow Greenpeace activist, Steven Guilbeault, of Montreal. They then put up a banner saying “Canada and Bush – Climate Killers.”Canada has said it won´t ratify the Kyoto agreement, to cut developed countries carbon dioxide emissions; the effect is sure to be more global warming and climate change. Figures on Canada´s greenhouse gas emissions released last week show they are now 15 per cent higher than 1990 and rising. When it signed Kyoto, Canada promised to cut emissions by 6 per cent from 1990 levels by 2010.Chris was chosen, said Greenpeace, because he´s a “good climber”. He will appear in court charged with “mischief”.Update July 19: after being granted bail, Chris is preparing to head home for his job as a rope access specialist. ( Source: Ananova (climber) )