Britons shot by gypsies in campsite mix-up

Two British climbers have been shot and wounded by French gypsies, after they turned up at what they thought was a public campsite. Andrew Jackson, from Bishops Waltham in Hampshire, is recovering in France after being hit by shotgun pellets fired by an irate Frenchman. He has a wound to his throat, while another climber, Christian Davidson, was hit in the eye. They had been on the climbing trip to Mont Blanc, with Stuart Hay, who has now flown back to the UK. The Britons were fired on after turning up at what they thought was a public campsite. They managed to escape in their car. “Luckily the keys were in the ignition,” Mr Jackson told BBC Radio Solent. Full details of the attack are at the Ananova link below, but it is clear that it pays to make sure that something really is a campsite – buy a guidebook. ( Source: Ananova (climber) )