Brits Climb Chang Himal North Face

Report by DMM:British Alpinists Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman have succeeded on one of the 'great unclimbed faces' with their ascent of Chang Himal's (a.ka. Wedge Peak) 1800 metre north face in Nepal's Kanchenjunga Himal.Tom Briggs, Graham Desroy and Mandi Shipton who had trekked into base camp (5140 m) with Nick and Andy, returned to the U.K. early last week, leaving the two Alpinists with the route ahead of them.Report on DMM Website.

Nick Bullock scoping the Chang Himal North FaceUKC News, Nov 2009© Tom Briggs
The huge 1800m North Face of Chang HimalUKC News, Nov 2009© Tom Briggs

Nick Bullock is sponsored by DMM, Vasque and Mammut. Andy Houseman is sponsored by Mountain Equipment, Black Diamond and Scarpa.Thanks go to Tom Briggs of Jagged Globe for the photographs. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen