Bruntwood Aerial Assault Results

The second ever Bruntwood Aerial Assault took place as part of the Rat Race in Manchester over the weekend. With a new and improved course – i.e. an hour longer and $%£!-loads harder – the competitors in this year´s race found it pretty tough going. There were 12 different buildings to climb varying in grade from very easy to very hard (8a ish) with the teams having to run or cycle (on Choppers!) between each building.  To start the competition each team had to dyno as far as possible. The distance dynoed minus your height comprised the first part of the team score. Added to this were your climbing scores, with most routes being split into sections (i.e. top out for max points or get half way for half points). Finally your overall time to get round the course (10 seconds = 1 point) was combined with your dyno and climbing scores for an overall score. Ben Heason on his way to 2.3m in the Dyno competition despite having to tape up three large cuts from the sharp new holds. Photo courtesy of Brian Darby. Perhaps surprisingly Gaz Parry and Andy Earl, the UK´s two best competition boulderers, proved that they have the legs for some serious running too, by snatching overall victory. In second place were the Manchester Climbing Centre team (who also hosted a dyno competition as part of the course) comprising Dave Barrans and Simon Hudson, the Sheffield Raiders Neil Mawson and John Fulwood came in third, followed by Brute Power in the form of Rich Simpson and James ´Keen´ Pearson, and then Red Chilli Team of Ben Heason and Miles Gibson. Last year´s winners Sam Whittaker and Nick Sellers finished in 6th place.The planetFear team of Shane Ohly and Simon Richardson proved they´d been doing too much running and not enough climbing as despite completing the course over half an hour faster than the next team they finished in 7th place. In case you are wondering why Steve McClure doesn´t feature in the listings, he set the route! Event report and photos to follow later this week. Check out the website for more details ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–