Budding young writers shine on UKC

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC We work with a huge variety of contributors at UKC, from seasoned professionals like Chris Craggs and Nick Bullock to keen young climbers who want to share their passion.We´re committed to publishing work from our users and welcome all contributions.This week the dynamic duo of Franco Cookson and Dave Warburton have done us proud with a round-up of their local cragging; Destinations In The North York Moors. “A good mix of fact and opinion, looks very professional, well done.” said John Howard on the UKC forums. Tom Ripley has been putting pen to paper and come up with an excellent article extolling the virtues of the finest VS´s in the Lake District Read It Here. “Excellent article and very inspiring. Rather embarrassingly I´ve never done any of them. That´s 22 more routes on the tick-list then…!” comments Alun on the forums. The ever-young Nick Bullock has also been busy with a Guest Editorial; Motivations? is a passionate and heart felt piece that explores what Nick feels might be some dubious motivations and ego massaging in modern climbing and media. Also don´t miss our excellent new guide to Indian Creek USA by Jonus Wiklund. We´ve got lots more to come before the end of the month, so keep an eye on the forums and the articles page.