Bushby Detained in Russia

Last week we reported that British explorer / walker Karl Bushby had made the first ever unaided crossing of the Baring Straits from Alaska to Russia as an essential link in his 12 year round the world walk. Unfortunately Karl has been detained in Russia for having entered the country without the relevant paperwork! He´s currently residing with his partner on the Baring Straits crossing, Dimitri Kieffer, and a local priest in North West Russia whilst the authorities decide his fate.Crossing the Baring StraitsKarl is now more than half way through his momentous trek which saw him leave the southern tip of South America on September 1st 1998, and should hopefully see him arrive in his home town of Hull some time in 2009!Source: BBC ———————————————————————–If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114———————————————————————–