Cairngorm News and the Poo Project

Photo © apedale

The Poo ProjectAs with most aspects of climbers and mountaineers interaction with the environment, we leave our mark in virtually everything we do. This includes normal bodily functions – what do you do when you need to Poo?The Poo Project was set up in 2007 by Cairngorm Mountain Ranger Heather Morning. The aim is to reduce the amount of human waste left in the hills by making special pots and bags available for people to carry their waste out. The pots are water tight and air tight, and the bags are made of a special material which allows them to break up when they are treated in the Cairngorm sewage system. So you just need to do your business, bag and pot it, then return the bags and the pots to the Ranger Base in Cairngorm. The service is free of charge and is supported by TISO, Cairngorms National Park, Glenmore Lodge and Leader Plus.UKC article by Jack Geldard – How to Shit at the CragsNew Chief for Avalanche ServiceIn further news from Cairngorm, the SportScotland Avalanche Service, based in Aviemore, has appointed a new chief – international mountain guide Mark Diggins. Mark previously worked for the Canadian Avalanche Service were he set up a training and assessment program for mountaineers and ski professionals. More information on SportScotland Avalanche Information Service is the best-used source of avalanche information for climbers and skiers. It operates from December to the end of the season in April or May covering Glen Coe, Lochaber, Creag Meagaidh and the Northern and Southern Cairngorms.Avalanche Awareness CourseFinally, news from the MCofS of courses of interest to winter mountaineers.The MCofS will be running a series of one-day “Avalanche Awareness” courses. Aimed at the general winter hill-goer, the courses are non-certificated and will be suitable for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of snow and avalanches, learn which areas to avoid and improve their understanding of reports and forecasts. Each course will consist of an indoor introduction to avalanche theory followed by a practical session on the hill.The course costs £35 per person and the dates are as follows:-Saturday 9th January 2010 (Cairngorms/Glenmore Lodge)Sunday 10th January 2010 (Cairngorms/Glenmore Lodge) Saturday 30th January 2010 (Aonach Mor/Nevis Range) Sunday 31st January 2010 (Aonach Mor/Nevis Range)For more information see the MCofS web site. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen