Cannibals Gobble Kendal Prize

The title was intriguing enough to make me read the summary in the programmes – Cannibals and Crampons. It didn´t sound like your average mountaineering or climbing video; if anything it sounded more like a horror. So off I went. Coincidentally I ended up sat next to Bruce Parry, who, together with Mark Anstice, had dreamed up and carried out their expedition to remote Papua New Guinea. Once the film had finished and the standing ovation died down I shook his hand, out of respect more than anything else. ´Cannibals and Crampons´ takes you on a trip through deepest darkest New Guinea, encountering blinding leeches, trench foot, snapping bridges and, just possibly, real life cannibals. Not for the faint hearted….. Sixty days of hardship were endured in order to reach the base of their objective, the South West face of Mandala, a 15,000 foot peak rising out of the jungle. Needless to say, it won Best Film at this year?s festival. Best Mountaineering film went to ´The Second Step´, an incredible film about double-above-the-knee amputee Warren McDonald´s 28-day journey and climb of Federation Peak in Tasmania.´Desert Friction´ won the Climbing category. The Mountain Adventure prize went to ´Deepest Patagonia And the Mountain Culture and & Environment prize was won by ´Shiva?s Matted Locks´ Other films of note would have to include ´Jump´ the story of a selection of Mad Czech climbers who have excelled for the last three or four decades, at jumping from sandstone tower to tower, and Mind the Addiction, a simply stunning and awe inspiring collection of skiing and snowboarding stunts from around the world. Timmy O´Neil´s lecture got people talking as he dared to take the mick out of John Dunne, whilst Lynne Hill´s talk lacked flair, but more than made up for that with an inspiring slide show set to music. John Redhead stole the show though, with 57 complaints being received from the audience who chose to watch the North Wales lecture. Come on, surely you knew what you were letting yourself in for….. The party in the evening was as busy as ever with the stars and celebrities of the climbing and mountaineering world out in force. Of course then there was the first round of the A5 British Bouldering Championships on the Sunday, which is reported separately.All in all, a top weekend. Very many thanks to the organisers. If you missed out, make sure you get yourself to the Llanberis equivalent early next year where many of the favourites will be sure to be shown again.