Car crime rises again in Hope Valley

Footpaths open again – and people leave cars. Guess who´s coming to break into them? Yup, car crime is on the rise again in the Peak (and one presumes other parts of the country, but do we not hear about them so much?).It´s done by a few people, but they´re very busy; 95 per cent of crimes in the Hope Valley are from climbers´ and walkers´ cars. (No real surprise.)The BMC says that you should “Always report break ins, even if you are not going to make any insurance claim, to Buxton control on 01298 72100, or alternatively to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”The BMC reiterates the guidance: always lock your car, and don´t leave anything in it. Our extra guidance, make it plain that you´re not hiding anything (put hatchback boot shelves down, for instance; leave gloveboxes open). We could add the advice given for years on uk.rec.climbing, which was to leave some women´s knickers in the back. Failing that, a baby´s nappy: you´d smell the crims for miles. ( Source: BMC )