Changed Access at Craig Y Forwyn

New information has come to light and the access situation at Craig y Forwyn has changed.In early December climbing resumed at the crag following discussions with a local farmer who the BMC understood owned the whole of the cliff face and a strip of land along the base. Over the Christmas period however, the owner of Plas Newydd Caravan Park (below the crag) has provided evidence to the BMC indicating that he owns the central section of the crag and the land beneath it.The owner of Plas Newydd has stressed to the BMC that he is not prepared to allow climbing on the section of crag shown on his deeds and site plan.BMC CEO Dave Turnbull said:”It was great to see Craig y Forwyn re-opened in early December and it's a real shame that we've had to announce this change in the access arrangements. It's been a moving feast over the last couple of weeks and until the ownership of the central section of the crag is resolved we felt we had no option but to advise people that there is no access agreement for climbing on the central section. Craig y Forwyn is an outstanding limestone crag and we will continue doing what we can to improve the access situation for climbers.”See the BMC Website for full access details.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen