Cheat at the Wall Using Slop Style, KneeBob Mungepants…etc

by Mick Ryan KneeBob Mungepants “Because I work 9,000 hours a week and ? fattening with age ? am increasingly cowed by real, outdoor rock climbing, I?ve become an unrepentant gymrat. But a wondrous thing has happened since sport climbing?s Dark Ages (the 1980s), when avant-garde course-setting consisted of slapping two one-finger pockets in a row (¡craz-eee!) on some monkey slab and capping it off with a nine-foot sideways leap. Verily, today?s gyms own, hone, and rock your dome. To wit, grip shapes and texture have become more innovative, complex, and skin friendly, with volumes, outsized holds, and macro features introducing a rock-like chaos.” So writes Matt Samet, editor of Climbing magazine about the Joy of Climbing Indoors. Learn about Slop Style, KneeBob Mungepants and how to Stand Tall; and other free and easy ways at the wall. To understand Matt´s angst-ridden language you will have to replace ´gym´ for ´wall´ but the game remains the same. Read the full story on how to cheat at the wall at´s affiliate (this link takes you right to the whole sordid details). ( Source: Climbing magazine )