China 2001 Team Chosen

Today was in fact the closing day for applications to the BMC to travel to China to develop some of their ´exciting climbing areas´. The BMC recived the invitation from the Chinease Mountaineering Association several months ago. The trip is planned for April of this year. The CMA will be providing board and lodgings, and the BMC is subsidising the cost of travel. The BMC received a large number of applications, but ultimately, only four could be selected for the trip. In the end the following were offered and accepted places:Lindsay Griffin: BMC representative. Lindsay is the editor of high mountain info and chairman of the International committee and Mount Everest Foundation screening panel. He has the task of discussing access and permit arrangements with the chinese. Nick Williams: Experienced mountaineer, Nick has lived in China and has the useful skill of being able to speak mandarin – and climb E6. John Dunne: Leading British rock-climber, responsible for a huge quantity of hard new routes on a variety or rock types Steve McClure: One of the most technically accomplished climbers in the world, Steve is one very few climbers to have climbed a number of 9a sports routes. On learning that he had been chosen, Steve said “I am psyched about going though I don´t know much about the place. Very surprised to be picked, hope I prove to be the right choice.”