Climber Falls 100ft and Lives

by Mick Ryan Royl Arches On November 20, a climber abseiled off the end of her rope whilst descending the Royal Arches in Yosemite, she fell over one hundred feet, and lived to report back to us what went wrong. “There was an almost ledge just below the anchor, and I sort of felt like I could stick it or something. I don´t know, I just knew it would be okay somehow. This is all I can give you, really. I have no memory of the fall whatsoever. I think that bachman´s must have slipped just as I feared, and in my grab for it, I must have let go of the red too? Somehow, I just fell right off both of them.” writes Meghan. Read Meghan´s account here at And her climbing partner Matt also gives his version: “Her injuries included: Fractured C2, dislocated C3 (top of cervical spine). Several broken ribs leading to a punctured lung. Fractured tales bone of right foot. The usual scrapes and bruises.Two days after a nine hour surgery (using bone from her hip to fuse C1, C2 + C3, attaching a HALO to stabilize her spine during an anticipated 3 month+ recovery) she was up WALKING (despite the foot Fx, oops). She is out of the hospital now and seems to have no long term disabilities at all. Hard to believe really.”Read Matt´s account here at