Climbers´ Club £600,000 Club Hut In the Lakes Proposed

by Mick Ryan The Climbers´ Club (CC) are considering building a new club hut in the Lake District on the site of a former Youth Hostel at Stannah Cross in Thirlmere, just 5 minutes from Castle Rock. The property is derelict and will need to be demolished and rebuilt. Projected cost are in the region of £600,000. Planning Permission for such a development at this location has been granted in past and the CC see no problems in obtaining planning permission if they purchase the property. The CC´s bank have been approached and agree in principle to a loan, although in the long term repayments would be raised by some or all of the following:appeals to members for donations external grants and loans a levy on subscriptions an increase in hut fees a higher level of hut fees for the Stannah Cross property sale of one or more of the CC´s existing properties An extraordinary general meeting has been called, on 6th October at the Meifod Country House Hotel, North Wales, to discuss this matter. The Climbers´ Club own several huts for the enjoyment of club members and guests at the following locations: Ynys Ettws (Llanberis, Nth Wales) Cwm Glas Mawr (Llanberis, Nth Wales) Helyg (Ogwen, Nth Wales) May Cottage (Pembroke, Sth Wales) RO Downes (Froggatt, Peak District) Count House (Bosigran, Cornwall) Riasg (Roy Bridge, Central Highlands of Scotland) The Climbers´ Club was founded in 1898 and is a national club whose objects are to encourage mountaineering and rock-climbing, and to promote the general interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment. They welcome applications for membership from committed and experienced climbers. Find out more about the Climbers´ Club at