Climbing Broadband Explosion and Jim Perrin

by Mick Ryan Timmy O´Neil In 2005 nearly 4 million people in the UK signed up with broadband internet service providers bringing the total speedy internet connections to 9.8 million (195 million worldwide). Consequently because of the ease of getting online and increased online security many are shunning the gridlocked drive to the shops and are spending their money online. Brits spent more than £150m a day at online shops in the run up to Christmas. The increase in broadband connections also means that more websites are increasing their rich media content as more of us have the capability to download videos and music. This includes climbing websites. Urban Climber magazine (British owned but USA based) has just announced a new initiative, Urban Climber Mag TV (UCTV) to go alongside its print magazine and its website, UCTV is a state-of-the-art website devoted to climbing videos. As well as allowing talented amateurs to upload their videos UCTV will also be showcasing the work of the seasoned professionals like Mike Call of Movement Films and Josh Lowell of Dosage fame (Big Up Productions).Another recent innovation is here you can listen to interviews, gear reviews, trip reports, news and a whole host of climbing related topics. Make sure you check out the Jim Perrin interview by the climbing comedian Timmy O´Neil. Jim does swear a lot doesn´t he? He claims that Timmy is ´on´ something. He can´t keep his eye off Morning Glory, a young hippy chick, and gazes longingly at assorted chickadees, then calls Don Whillans a lazy bastard. It made me laugh. And you learn the Welsh for ´taint´, or the “moon in July.”