Climbing Magazine Going Cheap

by Mick Ryan – Seven years old, with twenty-six issues and a respected website, as reported Alpinist is up for sale, and it seems that it has had its first bid of $30,000 or around £20,000. What you get for your money. The web site, Alpinist subscriber list, Alpinist Film Festival, High Stone book in progress, all databases, works in progress, its website and film festival and all goodwill associated with Alpinist, LLC´s intellectual property and other intangibles (collectively the “Assets”). Now that does sound cheap but: this is what Dougald MacDonald (ex-owner of Rock and Ice magazine) says at his “On the surface, this seems like a screaming deal, and no doubt will give many loyal readers hope that Alpinist might be resurrected. But consider this: A number of good, experienced publishers are known to have taken a look at Alpinist´s books since it went into bankruptcy. Yet, so far, none has been willing to cough up more than 30 grand, which is less than it would cost to print a single issue of the magazine. The question to ask is, is a stand alone magazine devoted to alpinism actually viable? The publishers of both Mountain and Mountain Review in the UK had to close those publications. Will Alpinist be absorbed in to one of the other climbing magazines? Bids for Alpinist can be made anytime until December 22nd at 12:00 CST.Full report at the Alpinist Website ( Source: Alpinist )