Climbing Works Bristol To Open in Nov

planetFear are excited to announce plans for Climbing Works Bristol. Here´s a press release from Ron Barraclough: Breaking News CLIMBING WORKS BRISTOL Opening at the start of November 2007 in Bristol THE COMPANY The Peak Bouldering Company was formed in July 2006 to develop a dedicated indoor bouldering centre in Sheffield.  Motivated by the unprecedented success of this venture we are currently in the process of developing a Climbing Works Bristol with Ron Barraclough.  The building is a circa 1960s industrial unit.  The building has a floor area of 15246 square feet (THAT IS HUGE) with its own extensive parking area. The Company?s goal is to create the best bouldering facilities in the UK, on a scale that will rival anything in the world.OUR CONCEPT WHATEVER GRADE YOU CLIMB AT YOU WILL FIND AT LEAST 40 PROBLEMS THAT YOU CAN CLIMB EASILY AND THEN AT LEAST 40 MORE FOR YOU TO WORK ON!!!!!!! ? Opening at the start of November 2007 in Bedminster, Bristol, UK ? The Worlds biggest and best dedicated bouldering centre ? Over 1300m² of climbing surface From the offices of the Minister for Sport: Richard Caborn MP says ?Climbing Works is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Bristol and surrounding areas to gain experience in climbing in a safe and well supervised environment and offers people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to gain the skills needed to boulder (climbing above a padded surface) safely in a rope free climbing centre.Climbing Works Bristol will help cater for the regional growth in interest for indoor rock climbing.  This comes at an opportune time as government strives to engage young people in sport and leisure. I was able to take my two young grandchildren (4 and 5 years old) on a session to the climbing Works in Sheffield, which they loved. Since the access is much easier than a conventional climbing centre they were able to climb straight away in a safe environment.Having seen the world-class facility provided in Sheffield I would highly recommend a Climbing Works for the City of Bristol to help in the growth and development of the sports and leisure industry?