Cool Summits Everest For 3rd Time

Kenton Cool yesterday put himself in the history books by becoming the first Briton to stand on top of the world three times. Leading his third Jagged Globe expedition in as many years he appears to have struck a fine balance between commercial guiding and personal objectives. Later this year he heads to Gasherbrum IV with Ian Parnell and John Varco to climb the Shining Wall route established by Voytek Kurtyka and Robert Schauer – this pair were among the leading alpinists of their day, but were so pushed that they did not make the summit… Kenton Cool & John Varco playing cards at Annapurna Base Camp. Photo: Ian Parnell Jagged Globe Also yesterday Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper became the youngest Britons to reach the summit. James is 19 and Rob is just 20 (his Birthday was on 10th May, historically the most popular summit day). Last year Jake Meyer became the youngest Brit to stand on top at just 21.