Council to Fund Clearup at Woodhouse Scar

Some of you may have read OTE?s Letter of the Month for October. For those that didn?t the letter highlights the selfish action of an individual or individuals (yes, climbers) at Woodhouse Scar in Halifax. OK so this may not be a wild big mountain experience crag environment, but the fact that it?s a piece of green on the edge of an urban setting makes it all the more important to local residents and climbers. The oak woodland beneath the crag took a long time to grow and is enjoyed by many. The fact that branches have been twisted and snapped and that a chain?saw has been taken to others is quite astounding and the mess has been left for all to enjoy-or more likely draw their own conclusion from. The local council are proactive and encourage recreational use of the site. They are open to ideas, and after a ?delicate? site visit are willing to spend £3,500 clearing up the mess and properly removing some other trees that will create better conditions for climbing. Please do not jeopardise this good relationship, the council are getting bored with climbing vandals and they are not the only ones.