Creamer and Schirrmacher´s Purple Patch

by Mick Ryan Katherine Schirrmacher Lucy Creamer and Katherine Schirrmacher experienced a purple patch at Raven Tor in the Peak District recently. Creamer redpointing Boot Boys a fierce pockety Fr 8a+ (some say 8b) and bouldering Ben´s Roof, Font 7c+, Schirrmacher grabbing a redpoint ascent of Out Of My Tree, Fr 8a. Katherine tells “We´d been going down to Raven Tor with Zippy (Mark Pretty).  Lucy and I were fairly aimless; Zippy was on Boot Boys, so Lucy got on that and whilst they were belaying and climbing, I was bouldering about at the bottom near them and realised I could do the boulder problem to Out of My Tree, so I decided to get on that.  Fortunately I seemed to get stronger and stronger over the next 3 weeks and managed to piece it all together quite quickly (not that there´s much to piece together, you´re in safety after only 8 moves). Lucy is climbing really well, in a purple patch as she puts it.  It looks like the enforced 2 months (relative) rest (for Lucy) after her finger injury did her some good and fuelled her up for all those shit crimps and polished feet at the Tor.  Ben´s Roof seemed like a formality to her – she almost did it on her second day.” Katherine also reports the demise of the stump at the base of Out of My Tree,” I went there today and some twit has chopped off the tree stump at the bottom of OOMT- shame – cut down a bit of history and the chance to brush the starting holds from the ground.”