Cyber Student

Britain´s junior climbing comp champion Jemma Powell has signed a deal with Planet-Climbing´s trainer in residence, Neil Gresham for a training programme that will steer her towards the European Youth Cup at Climb 01 in December. When asked how she was getting along with the structures program, Jemma has this to say:”The program is really great. My fitness level is definately improving already. My shoulders feel stronger for longer on my circuit, and on the competition routes I climbed in Italy (where i got placed 7th). So far the program appears to be working brilliantly and I would say its an awesome idea for climbers looking to improve their climbing skills, endurance, stamina, etc etc. I am also feeling more confident in my climbing which is really good.” Neil Greshams´s training programmes are a great way of structuring your training and making the best use of your time. They are provided entirely via the net, and if you would like to learn more, please click here