Dai´s 6 weeks in France

Dai is now back in Japan after spending 6 weeks in France. Unfortunately, the weather was generally pretty bad, but Dai still managed to put up a new 8C in Fontainebleau: “I completed Angama, a project at Coquibus in Fontainebleau on 24th October. The project is a sit start from the left arete then traverse to link up Fata I Helvete which I made the first ascent of two years ago. I tried for 2 days that time and this time I completed it in 4 days. The weather had been bad during my stay in France and I tried the project in not a good condition. It was not a perfect but a good condition because the strong wind had been blowing from the night before the day I did it. I felt it is like 8C problem but you may feel easier when you try it in good conditions. I look forward to have opinions from repeaters.”