Dai's Swizzy trip 2010

Dai Koyamada has now returned to Japan after 40 days in Ticino, Switzerland. Unfortunately, also this year's trip was plagued by rain. Out of the 40 days, it was raining 20.For a guy like Dai, with limited time in Europe on his hands, this means increased pressure, especially as the level of what's deemed news worthy has rissen considerably lately, meaning you have to climb 8B+ or 9a on a regular basis to catch media's attention. At least according to Dai.All was not lost however and the 35 year old managed to punch out enough hard ascents to make the news, as it were.Among his 22 8A-or-harder ascents, the ones most worth mentioning are:Big Paw, 8C, 2nd ascentNatural collateral, 8B/+ (Collateral with only the natural holds)Confessions, 8B/+Jybara, 8B, First ascentRead the whole list on Dai's blog

Dai Koyamada on Big Paw, 8C, ChironicoBjörn Pohl – UKC, 07 Dec 2010© Ikuko Serata

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