Dave again, but not Graham

From Webcrag: Southern California climber Dave Struther and his girlfriend Kristen have just returned home after spending two months in France. The couple spent 21 days bouldering at Fontainebleu where Dave reports that it must have rained at least once every 24 hours. In between the rain Dave says “I learned the art and magic of the pof and also learned how to use my feet. Climbing so many things at Black Mountain and Josh helped”. Dave´s tick list includes: 7b+ Carnage and Vache Folle, 7c Aerodynamite, Abbe Resina, Infidele, Hypothese, Big Boss, Super Joker and Alta. 7c+ Antithese, Fourmis Rouges and Vin Aigre. 8a Hale Bopp and Hyper Tension. 8a+ Partenaire Particulier, which Dave sent in about one hour. Especially Dave´s send of Partenaire Particulier is nothing short of sensational!