Dave Graham on Hubble

by Keith Sharples and Mick Ryan click to enlarge Keith Sharples reports for UKClimbing.com from Raven Tor in the Peak District “On Tuesday a tsunami blasted Raven Tor in the Peak District. I refer, not to something generated by the weather, but to top American climber, Mr David Graham who is currently in the UK as part of his European lecture tour.On one of the soggiest days so far this autumn, Dave Graham blew into the Tor on a wave of optimism, enthusiasm and commitment that was truly awesome. He´d done his homework too. He knew the names of the routes and the climbers who had done them and what´s more he wanted to touch stone. He wanted to look through Hubble (F8c+), he wanted to evolve with Evolution (F8c) and mutate on Mutations (F9a). He wasn´t keen to book in for the mid-life crisis on Mecca (F8b+) though ? he wanted to on-sight that one! And how wicked would that be? Being a boulderer he also came with a wish-list of blocs to try. He knew about Ben´s Roof (Font 7c+), was keen for some Keen Roof (Font 8b) action or some Fat Lip (Font 8a+/8b) traversing.” Read the full report with photographs at blog.keithsharplesphotography.co.uk STOP PRESSIn a UKClimbing.com video interview, by Kevin Avery and Dave Gill, to be aired later, Dave Graham says that he may be moving to Sheffield Dave Graham´s UK lecture tour is supported by Lyon Equipment, Petzl, UKClimbing.com and organised by Heason Events.