Dave MacLeod and UKClimbing.com

by Mick Ryan Dave MacLeod Dave MacLeod needs little introduction, his ascent of Rhapsody, given the grade of E11 7a (UKClimbing.com article here), capped what was amazing year which also included hard winter ascents and boulder problems. Dave is truly a modern traditionalist, an all-rounder of the highest caliber. He also makes a living as a climbing coach. He has several online climbing blogs in which he shares his climbing experiences and knowledge. The one specifically about coaching is called Online Climbing Coach where Dave offers news, advice, and analysis on training for climbing. You´ll find interviews with great climbers like Lucy Creamer and Neil Gresham, nostalgic reminiscing of how Dave went wrong when he started climbing, a comparison of home training facilities, advice on starting out, and quite a bit of Dave´s life philosophies.Here´s some words of wisdom off his coaching blog, “If I was 16 again I´d do little differently, my tenacity and being able to solve problems for myself and use my head are the foundation for everything else. If I´d had a home board like Malcolm, I reckon I could have got Malcolm type strength if I´d started while that growth hormone was still floating about. I definitely would have slept and eaten better, and got into trad earlier as well; more moves= more engrams =better movement.” In the next year at UKClimbing.com Dave will be holding two ´live´ online discussions about training for climbing and writing two articles for us all.