Dave´s latest sends

Dave Graham has, during the last three weeks of rain, kept sending. Here we go… The Maxx, 8a/8a+, and L´integrale both on the autre toit at cul de chien. Hyper tension 8a and T-rex 7c+ another day. Both at Cuvier-Rempart. Atresie 8a, Balance 7c+, and Noir desir 7c one day. Cetait Demain 8a flash, the first 8a in the forest. Karma 8a in the sprinkling rain first day on it. Other problems he has done include Envie dailes 7c, Salle Gosse, SD 7c+/8a, L´oiel De Sybil 7c+, Eclipse 7c, Hypothese 7c+, Infidel 7c, and Antithese 7c+. Dave also says everything he established in Rocky Mountain national park and back home this fall are harder than most of these font problems for their grades. Nothin´ but sunshing is very hard as well- not 8b, but definitely harder, “after climbing on wet ones (8b´s), they still feel much easier”. The 8a+ problems he´s established are also way harder than the ones at Font. Dave also says rain sucks… Considering everything above, there´s little doubt in my mind Dave Graham must be considered the best boulderer on the planet right now.