David Barrans qualifys at the Bouldering Championships

by Mick Ryan Today, David Barrans, 23, of Manchester came a great 4th in the qualifying round of the IFSC European Bouldering Championships being held at the Outdoor Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The only UK male to qualify for the semi-finals tomorrow morning. Daniel Dulac (Daniel´s website – click) of France took first place. Andrew Earl took 26th position, Gaz Parry at number 33, Ryan Pasquill at 42 and Stewart Watson at 48 (Stewart just repeated Ben Moon´s Voyager reported earlier this week at UK Climbing.com). The first twenty go through to the semi-finals. The results are being posted at the BMC website (click) where you can also access live coverage of the event. The finals are on Sunday 18th March starting at 09.30.